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In the same way Topshop water everything else down, they've reduced the Christmas jumper to a low-res piece of clipart.

And whacked on a high-res price!

Another completely lack lustre effort from the High Street. Another reason to get one of our handmade Christmas jumpers!

So you could fork out £50 for one of these:

Or for just £34.99 you could be squeaking, laughing and jingling all Christmas in one of these (amazing) handmade Rudolph Christmas jumpers.

Woolly Babs Rudolph Christmas Jumper

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Being a Christmas jumper company is a year-round job. Right now it's design time!

We're drawing lots and lots of designs for new friends for Rudolph and Rodney Robin. Babs and I take it in turns to draw a design, have a bit of a laugh and try to make useful remarks before having another go.

When we're starting to get somewhere, we make patterns to cut out and lay down. This is where Babs comes into her element. The slightest change to the position of an eye or nose makes all the difference to the expression. And we like a daft expression.

The designs themselves are top secret until closer to Christmas when the new designs will be added to our shop.

It's only April, but we're already planning your Christmas!

In the meantime, check out our cuddly Easter jumpers.


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