Christmas Jumper Blog

Babs is upset. Her 30 year old sewing machine cannot cope any more. The pressure of increasing Christmas jumper sales has lead to a string of breakdowns.

Tonight we're going industrial. Sewing machine repairman Steve is installing an industrial machine for us. Sounds terrifying, but it just means it's stronger and because we're sewing thick materials on to thick materials, that's what we need.

Happy retirement old machine. Enjoy your light duties of baby clothes and labels.

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The last entry caused quite a bit of discussion. We spoke too soon about how soon you can start wearing a Christmas jumper.

Apparently Armistice Day is also seen as the last event before everything becomes Christmas.

But then there's Remembrance Sunday too. Well, we think it's now safe to say that you can definitely wear them now.

Although some of our customers tell us they're already wearing theirs!

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