• Ladies Christmas Jumper Rudolph Beige
  • Ladies Christmas Jumper Rudolph Beige
  • Ladies Christmas Jumper Rudolph Beige
  • Ladies Christmas Jumper Rudolph Beige

Ladies Christmas Jumper Rudolph Beige

Women's Rudolph Reindeer Christmas Jumper

Our best-selling Rudolph Reindeer Christmas jumper is now available as a snug ladies-fit Christmas jumper.

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He squeaks with a squeaker hidden in his red nose, he jingles with bells on his antlers and he now also shows off your figure all through Christmas.

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When you're wearing your Rudolph you'll get a lot of attention so it's up to you whether you let everyone know about his special squeaker or choose to surprise people instead.

Great for the work Christmas do as well as Christmas Day itself.

Handmade Ladies Christmas Jumpers

Rudolph is so cute because he's handmade. He was originally designed on paper then Babs converted him into a pattern.

All the different pieces are cut out, pinned into position and then sewn down.

At the end we slip a squeaker behind his red nose before sewing in place.

Finally we sew little bells on his antlers to keep you jingling all the way through Christmas.

Being handmade makes Rudolph 100% machine washable too.

If this isn't enough reindeer, we now do a version where Rudolph's bottom appears on the back of the jumper. So people always know you're wearing your Christmas jumper. 

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Available in more sizes than ever, from UK 10 to 22. 

Size   Bust   Length 
 10  96cm   65cm 
 12  100cm   65cm 
 14  104cm   65cm 
 16  108cm   66cm 
 18  112cm   66cm 
 20  116cm   70cm 
 22  120cm   72cm

We highly recommend going one size up as they're really snug for their size band.

Also available as a cool, crisp Christmas t-shirt.

Also available as Rudolph with a brown face.

With Rudolph's rear on the back of the jumper.

Available, of course, as a man's version.

Kit out the whole family with these kids reindeer.

And for Bambi Rudolphs, we have baby versions too.

One more: we've even made a version for your dog.

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