Novelty Christmas Jumpers?

What is a novelty Christmas jumper?

We're finding that more and more people are discovering us by searching for 'novelty Christmas jumpers'.

Which made us think a bit. Are our Christmas jumpers novelty Christmas jumpers? Babs in particular found this a strange expression at first. She still thought of them as 'classic' and 'loveable'...

Novelty Christmas Jumpers by Woolly Babs

But let's face it, we have squeakers in every single design whether hidden behind Rudolph's nose, tucked away in the penguin's tummy or secreted in the humbug sweet.

Pablo Penguin has a detachable Santa hat and everything has bells on.

Babs just refuses to use flashing lights. She's also particularly against snowmen, Santas, elves and Christmas puddings, but we may yet talk her round.

Christmas jumpers by Woolly Babs 

Left to right: niece Becky, Ian (Mr Babs), Babs, son Jonathan Frank 

Novelty Christmas Jumper RangeIt's all about realising that Christmas is too much fun to mope around in itchy, snowflake patterned Fair Isle knits.

Leave that to the Scandiwegians. They pull it off so much better anyway.

We've settled ourselves on the fact that 'novelty' really just means something new. And interesting. 

Novelty Christmas Jumper Pride

Which means... we're proud to be makers and sellers of novelty Xmas jumpers.

Penguin Christmas Jumpers Woolly Babs

And t shirts, aprons and even cushions (watch out for those squeakers!)

We keep developing brand new designs that are pushing the boundaries of the Christmas jumper in terms of cuteness and natty features.

Look out for attachable objects with Pablo Penguin, pouches and even edible components.

If you want something even more outrageous than anything on our site, all you have to do is get in touch and we'll see what we can arrange.

So novelty Christmas jumpers are just clever, newly designed Christmas jumpers. We're happy with that. 


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