Retro Christmas Jumpers

Work that retro Christmas jumper look

The more style-aware realise that Christmas is a prime opportunity to establish your fashion credentials in a different way. Don't waste it by wearing mainstream. 

Retro Christmas Jumpers

You know how to work that retro vibe the rest of the year, so why not look the part at Christmas too?

Rather than something sequinned or glittery (as your mum might pick out), get something a bit more vintage

One of the easiest ways to do this is through the simple addition to your wardrobe of a retro Christmas jumper

Retro Christmas Jumpers

This is where Babs can help you out. Because Babs is pretty retro herself. In the nicest possible way.

She's admitted that even in the 70s some of what she made looked a bit outdated and her styles haven't always surged ahead in terms of fashion.

She would describe her designs as 'classic' of course. What do you think?

Our retro Christmas Jumpers

We've got Reindeer, Penguins and Robins that could have come from any time in the last 50 years. Babs would freely admit it. 

Retro Christmas Jumper

They've all got that knitted by granny look. They've all got that Bridget Jones feel to them. They're the perfect way to make Christmas that little bit cooler, that little bit dafter.

All our Christmas jumpers have a few more contemporary tweaks

They all have squeakers - in Rudolph's red nose, in PabloPenguin's belly; they all have bells - on Rodney Robin's feet, on Rudolph's antlers; they're all machine washable.

Retro Christmas Jumper Dresses
Retro Christmas Jumper Dress

Vintage is a V neck. Look a little bit 1960s in our Christmas jumper dresses

All the same designs as our jumpers, but with added slinkiness.