• Jubilee tshirt
  • Jubilee tshirt
  • Jubilee tshirt
  • Jubilee tshirt

Jubilee tshirt

The ultimate Diamond Jubilee souvenir: the Queen, but in applique.

Her Majesty looks just as good in applique as in person. She's wearing her favourite colour, yellow, and is dressed to party.

Check out the heels, the bejewelled bag, the flag. This is no ordinary outfit. Babs has pushed the boundaries here.

Queen Elizabeth is sporting beads, pearls, buttons, brocade, a saphire ring (er, sequin) and jazzy number 60s.

Check out the detail!

Woolly Babs Jubilee tshirt

Why celebrate with just some Union Jack teatowels and tinned biscuits when you can have the Queen herself living it up?

This special edition Woolly Babs Jubilee tshirt is available in very limited numbers. Get yours today!

If you'd like a ladies' size, just let us know when you order.

See our blog entry in the build up to the Jubilee and for the Diamond Jubilee flotilla day itself.

£25.00 GBP