• Novelty Hanukkah Jumper Sweater
  • Novelty Hanukkah Jumper Sweater
  • Novelty Hanukkah Jumper Sweater

Novelty Hanukkah Jumper Sweater

The world's first novelty Jewish jumpers

Finding your hanukiah a bit cumbersome to carry around?

Celebrate Chanukkah in jumper format instead - only from Woolly Babs.

Add a candle to your jumper every day. They're all kept in a little pocket on the front, one for each of the eight days of Hanukkah with the shamash sewn into place in the middle.

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These make a great gift for your Jewish friends and family, letting the wearer make a bold (and cute) statement about how novelty knitwear is for everyone. At all times of year. Everywhere.

The candles attach by press stud (popper) above each space on the menorah. We use see through press studs so you don't see it so much before it's got its candle attached.

They're handmade in Leeds by Babs using applique.

This means she cuts out and sews down each part of the jumper. This is our most ambitious novelty jumper and takes the longest, but we wanted to be a bit more inclusive!

Order one now and Hanukkah will never be the same again. Get it on and get that dreidel spinning!

100% machine washable - though if you want to wash the candles, safety pin them to the jumper before washing or you might lose them in the machine!


Small:        36 - 37inch chest (92 - 96cm) which is roughly a baggy UK women's size 12.

Medium:    38 - 40inch chest (97 - 102cm)  or women's 14-16.

Large:        41 - 43inch chest (104 - 109cm) or women's 16-18.

XL:             44 - 46inch chest (112 -117cm) or women's 20-22.

XXL:           47 - 49inch chest (119 - 124cm) or women's 22-24.

XXXL:        50 - 52inch chest (127 - 132cm) or women's 24-26

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