Christmas Aprons

Christmas Aprons

Christmas aprons Woolly BabsDon't want to get your Christmas jumper dirty when you're cooking Christmas dinner? Then you need a Woolly Babs Christmas apron to wear over the top!

Or maybe you've got a dad/uncle who pretends he doesn't like Christmas jumpers. Thinks they're silly or something. But a Christmas apron... now that's something!

And for just £19.95. Visit the apron product page.

We don't often talk about our Christmas jumpers as 'ideal Christmas gifts' or 'perfect stocking fillers' because we think you can make these sorts of decisions for yourself. And they're too big for stockings silly! 

But on this occasion we really do think our Christmas aprons make great presents!

These beautiful red cotton Christmas aprons are very special because not only does Rudolph's nose squeak and antlers jingle like on our Christmas jumpers, but they're wipe clean! Look closely, and you'll see they've been made in a different way. 

We've taken our classic Rudolph jumpers design and converted it into a screenprint. This is a high quality 6-colour print straight onto the cotton and then we put in place the squeaker and sew on Rudolph's nose over the top. 

Christmas apron woolly babs

Last of all we sew on the bells.

This means our aprons have all the key features our jumpers have and make cooking Christmas dinner fun for once.

Of course they're machine washable.

Order your Christmas apron here.

Also coming soon: Halloween jumpers! Sneak preview! And Christmas tshirts too!