Dragons Den Christmas Special 2012

BBC 2 Dragons Den Christmas Special 2012 - that's us!

Woolly Babs Christmas Jumpers entered the Den and took on the Dragons in their festive special edition of the programme.

You've got to watch this - it's hilarious.

  • They couldn't help squeak the jumpers all the way through
  • Babs totally snubs Theo
  • Deborah proclaims her love for our jumpers

The special Christmas episode was all about seasonal businesses with a focus on those that do the majority of their trading in the Christmas period. That's us!

While we also sell Easter and Halloween jumpers plus our year round Woodland animals and commissions, the majority of our sales come in October, November and December.

We do sell our festive knitwear year round, but it's only the very organised among us that order in the summer!

Frank, Babs and our friends and family walked into the Den in their finest Xmas jumpers to see if the Dragons were willing to invest. 

We gave them our best pitch, explaining how we'd started, what we'd achieved so far and what we want to do next. We put the business opportunity to them then it was over to them.

They first asked our models some questions and once they left the Den, we gave each of the Dragons a sample jumper to inspect.

They all had a good squeak and jingle, but couldn't invest. They like the jumpers (well, some didn't but who really cares about Theo and Duncan's style sense?) but realise we're just all about the handmade and unique.

They wanted industrial quantities and that's just not us.

Never mind! We're managing fine on our own!