Woolly Babs and her Christmas jumpers

Woolly Babs loves making Christmas jumpers. She'd have to - she makes them all year round!

Here she is showing off a whole year's worth of fashionable jumpers and wearing one of her Christmas aprons.

Christmas aprons Christmas Jumpers BabsWoolly Babs loves to sew and she loves to knit. For her jumpers (Christmas, Halloween and Easter alike) she thinks that sewing is better than knitting. She has many a reason.
Babs lovingly sews our jumpers because:

  a) she can give them so much more character
  b) the designs are much bolder
  c) where would she put the squeakers if they were knitted?!
  d) they can be any shape and size - look out for what's coming up later in 2018 in terms of Christmas jumpers... you've never seen the likes of it

Babs has got better and better at making novelty clothing and has been able to keep adding new designs that she develops with her son.

Every year we offer new designs and new twists. These are industry firsts such as


    See how she makes our Christmas jumpers here. Or watch a video of Babs introducing the special features of her Pablo Penguin jumper.