How Babs makes her Christmas Jumpers

Christmas jumpers are made of love

All our Christmas jumpers are the result of a long process of designing and making. The designs started out as doodles while the finished jumpers are pieces of art, right?

The overall process Babs uses is appliqué. Appliqué is when you sew one piece of fabric on top of another to build up a design or picture and for stunning effect.

Woolly Babs Christmas Jumper design 

After designing a jumper, Woolly Babs makes a pattern - a separate template each of the different shapes that make up the design. 

Then she carefully cuts out these shapes and sews them down, layer by layer until she's made the design.

Along the way she slips in squeakers and wadding. For the finishing, jingling touches Babs sews on the bells.

Christmas jumper magic - Babs has got it sewn up!