Christmas jumpers can be mysterious. 

Here's our growing list of common questions and our answers to them.

How long will it take to get my Christmas jumper?

First class jumpers deserve first class 'signed for' (recorded) delivery as a minimum. We post our jumpers out quickly, often the same day, and travelling first class they get there swiftly. Usually within two days of us posting them (we send you an email when your jumper's in the post).

For faster delivery choose Special Delivery Guaranteed for your item. If you order before 11am then you should get your item the next day. See our Shipping page for more details.

Local to Leeds? You can come and collect a jumper. Just get in touch first! 

I need a Christmas jumper NOW! What can I do?

Get in touch. We’re very good at sorting things out. We’ve hand delivered jumpers a fair few times in the past. See the note above about which items are already made.

Can I machine wash my jumper?

Yes you can - squeaker and all! Put it on the handwash setting as it's a bit gentler and cooler. Then when it's done, hang it up and it will dry in no time and look good as new. If you prefer to tumble dry, then dry on low. It shouldn't need ironing, but if you want it to look extra smooth, turn it inside out and be careful to avoid the back of  where the squeaker is with the iron.

Are the jumpers knitted?

No, better than that - they're appliqued! Babs sews many pieces of material together to build up our designs. We think our woolly Christmas jumpers are much bolder than knitted Christmas jumpers knitted by big machines in China. See how Babs makes our with the videos and explanations in the How Babs Does It section. Click the drop down menu at the top.

Can Babs customise the jumper for me?

Quite possibly. Please get in touch about this and bear in mind it might incur an extra cost. But we do like a challenge. Please also note that we’ll be limited in what we can do in November and December as by that point even the dog is addressing parcels and taking them to the Post Office.


If I buy in bulk can I get a discount?

Quite probably. Just get in touch.


What if I buy one of your [beautiful] Xmas jumpers and it’s not the right size?

Please let us know straight away. This is ever more important for Christmas jumpers the closer we get to Christmas. We can then put the one you want to one side before someone else snaps it up. For full instructions on this, see our Terms section.


What are the jumpers made of?

They're made of Casmilon which is a super soft acrylic. We use it because it's so soft and washes and wears so well. 

We started off with wool and Babs is a keen knitter, hence the name Woolly Babs. We just found that people didn't want wool! People find it itchy and difficult to look after so we started sampling alternatives.

It's hard to show in the pictures how good the material is. One other thing - the jumpers are deliberately not overly thick because we found people got too hot at Christmas do's and Christmas Day but didn't want to take their jumpers off! It turned out that a big, thick woolly Christmas jumper is more just the 'idea' of a Christmas jumper and not what people actually wanted to wear!

The materials we use in our designwork are also fully washable so you can wash and tumble dry them and wear them over and over, year after year.

Children's and babies' jumpers, aprons and t shirts are 100% cotton. Dog coats are water-repellent fleece. 

What should I wear for the office Christmas party?

A fraught topic that we can quickly demystify for you. We wrote a separate article on the Christmas office party to help!


Are these the best Christmas jumpers available to man?

Yes. Yes they are.


Can I choose to have my jumper sent where I don’t have to sign for it?

Unfortunately not. When we first started we did this and had a couple go missing. The amount of time that goes into making them made this a bit upsetting all round. You don’t have to be in though! Your postman will put a delivery note through your door which explains ways to get your jumper. You can arrange for another delivery to your house; for it to be delivered to a Post Office for you to pick up; or you can pick it up from your local mail depot. We’re flexible on delivery addresses too, so maybe a neighbour


I love your jumpers, but do I need one?

Yes. (At least one.)