Christmas Jumper Day 2012 by Save the Children

Christmas Jumper Day

Update: just wait and see what we've done with Save the Children for Christmas Jumper Day 2013!

We were delighted to help Save the Children in their new campaign: Christmas Jumper Day. It was our first big charity project and fit us like a glove.

Christmas Jumper Day dog jumper Save the ChildrenThe date was set for 12th December 2012 and there was a lot to do!

After a few rounds of discussions with Save the Children we knew how we could help best: dog Christmas jumpers! Though that later turned out to be just the beginning...

We sent them the sizes they needed but then there was a last minute doggy disaster - the main model turned out to be a Great Dane.

Our dog Christmas jumpers get pretty big but we weren't prepared for a pony-sized pooch. We had to scramble to make one big enough with trips across town and sewing at dawn.

We had to hand deliver the jumper to make sure it was there on time for the photo shoot in London. We're glad we did because Bill the Great Dane really looked great in his outfit.

Christmas Jumpers for all

Dog Christmas Jumpers Christmas Jumper DaySave the Children were so pleased with the dog Christmas sweaters that they asked for help with kitting out their human models too!

We supplied Rudolphs and Pablo Penguins for use in publicity and pictures of our jumpers appeared in the press around the country and bounced all around Twitter!

We were also busy making sure our customers got their jumpers in time for Christmas Jumper Day and did hand deliveries and even met up in train stations! Anything to make the day as fun as possible.

When the 12th December arrived we were thrilled to see so many people taking part and hope lots of money was raised for Save the Children. The figures aren't out just yet.

Christmas Jumper Day Save the ChildrenIt's such a fun and simple way to raise money that we hope it runs every year. It's happening again in 2013 at least. Why not sign up for Save the Children's email notifications for more news on Christmas Jumper Day 2013?