Christmas Jumpers Australia

Christmas jumpers for Australia and NZ plus Christmas in July

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We're sending more and more of our Christmas jumpers to Australia and New Zealand. Not just for Christmas either. Christmas in July is proving almost as popular as Christmas in December.

christmas jumpers Australia

It seems our jumpers always have a brilliant time there according to their postcards.

We're always thrilled to get an order from abroad and have been thinking long and hard about Christmas in other countries.

Our conclusion: Christmas t-shirts!

It must be so hot wearing a full on Christmas jumper in Australia on Christmas day, so we've made a t-shirt version instead. 

Christmas t shirts Woolly Babs Australia

Our Christmas t shirts have the same winning features as the jumpers: squeakers and bells, but on a cool screen-printed design.

Take a look here whether you want a full on Christmas jumper or a cooler Christmas t-shirt.