Christmas Jumpers for Radio Aire's Festive Jumper Thursday

Radio Aire Christmas Jumpers

We are the proud suppliers of Christmas jumpers to the Radio Aire FM Festive Jumper Thursday! #FJT

Rich Williams & Naomi Kent

Radio Aire Breakfast Show DJs Rich Williams and Naomi Kent hosted a whole day of Christmas jumper fun to mark 1st December as the run up to Christmas.

They encouraged everyone in Leeds to go to work or school or anywhere in their Christmas jumpers. And to wear them with pride to start looking forward to Christmas. Goodness knows it's been a tough year all round.

Here's what they said about our Christmas jumpers.


And here's what they said about us!

Wednesday 30th November:

Festive Jumper Thursday was in danger of going pear shape due to a distinct lack of Christmas jumpers, but Leeds-based Woolly Babs here stepped in with a matching pair of Rudolph Reindeer Xmas jumpers for Rich and Naomi. Complete with squeaky noses and bells on the antlers.

Rich and Naomi were really excited to get the jumpers and never took them off after trying them on!

Thursday 1st December aka Festive Jumper Thursday

There was squeaking and jingling from very, very early in the morning all across Leeds! Then around 8.15am they told everyone all about our jumpers and us. And they put pictures of us up on the Radio Aire Facebook page and tweeted about us and all sorts!

We'd told our friends so everyone was listening. We felt famous for a day. Thank you Radio Aire, Rich and Naomi!