Christmas Jumpers New Zealand

Our Christmas Jumpers are getting all the way to NZ!

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We thought only our Rudolph Christmas jumpers would have the flying power to get all the way to New Zealand, but ho ho no!

Xmas jumpers penguin Rodney Robin has made it next, followed swiftly by Pablo Penguin. Though perhaps he swam after reading on Wikipedia that New Zealand has more species of penguin than any other country! 

Being that bit cooler than Australia (decide yourself what 'cooler' means here!) there's a bit more scope for jumper wearing at Christmas in New Zealand. 

But if you're thinking it might still be a bit warm, check out our handmade Christmas t-shirts, complete with bells and squeakers too!

christmas t-shirt

Shipping is low to NZ for such a massive parcel of fun - and doesn't take long at all. 

So if you're looking to look more Christmassy than the rest of the flock, get a Woolly Babs Christmas jumper flying its way to New Zealand today!