Christmas Jumpers UK

Our Christmas jumpers can now be found in every part of the UK!

They've occupied all four countries of the UK and are even popping up on our outlying islands. 

Christmas Jumpers UK

They all set off from Leeds so it's great to think that there's a little bit of Yorkshire in all these different places. Babs herself is from Lancashire and grew up in Pwllheli, Wales, so she likes to think a bit of those places goes into her work. 

They all have squeakers! They all have bells!

We've been constantly adding to our range of designs so take a look through our collections.

And thank you for supporting a British business.

Ladies Christmas Jumpers

Ladies Christmas Jumpers UK

Men's Christmas Jumpers

Front Back Christmas Jumper UK

Transform your old jumper into an Xmas wonder

Upcycled Christmas Jumper UK

Kids Xmas Jumpers

Kids Christmas Jumpers UK

Baby Festive Sweaters

Baby Christmas Jumpers UK

Christmas t-shirts

Christmas T shirts UK

Dog jumpers

Dog Christmas Jumpers UK

Christmas aprons

Christmas Aprons UK

British Handmade Jumper Features

We're really proud of everything we've done and always like to point out what makes our jumpers (and other items) so special:

  • Handmade through applique - we cut out all the different pieces then pin them in place and sew them down to build up the designs
  • All unique - because they're handmade, they've all got character
  • 100% machine washable - no glue short cuts or cheap materials here!
  • They all have squeakers hidden inside somewhere
  • They all have little jingly bells
  • They're all made with love