Extra Plus Size Christmas Jumpers Ladies 24, 26, 28, Mens 4XL, 5XL, 6XL

Plus Size Christmas Jumpers

Ladies' 24, 26, 28, 30, 32 Plus size Christmas jumper offer


We do Christmas jumpers in plus sizes as high as you need. We're the only Christmas jumper company to offer these sizes and it's because our jumpers are handmade.

Extra plus size Christmas jumpersBy hand making all the design work ourselves, we have complete control and can make whatever size you need.

We already make and stock plus size Christmas jumpers in men's XL, XXL and XXXL and in ladies' size 18, 20 and 22. But we can make whatever size you need with our unique jumper transformation service.

How to order your plus size Christmas jumper

Simply send us the jumper in the size you want and order the design you want (Rudolph, Rodney Robin, Pablo Penguin, Bah Humbug) and Babs will transform your jumper for you. Return P&P is included in the price.Extra plus size Xmas jumpers

If you're ordering a new jumper from your favourite online supplier, simply use our address so it gets sent straight to us so you don't have to pay to have it delivered to you then send it on again to us. Much quicker that way too.

So whatever Christmas jumper design you want in whatever size you want, we can do it. Babs will get it done ASAP and you can order your special jumper alongside existing sizes from our ready made range so you can kit out the whole family with matching Xmas jumpers!

Order your plus size Christmas jumper today to make sure you've got it in time. Just click for our jumper transformation service.

You won't find this service anywhere else and we beat the high street on range, quality and service so order soon!