Family Christmas Jumpers

Matching Christmas Jumpers for the Familyfamily Christmas jumpers

Family Christmas jumpers - you know it will look amazing.

Family Christmas jumpers

Imagine your whole family in matching Christmas jumpers! Opening presents, around the Christmas dinner table, going to see the lights being switched on - or even posing for your family Christmas card!

Family Christmas Jumpers

Somehow these jumpers just make Christmas even more fun.

family Christmas jumpersBabieskids, XXXL men and even the dog. Woolly Babs literally has something for everyone.

We even do t-shirts for really hot relatives, aprons for the cook and cushions for the sofa.

Got someone in the family who pretends not to like Christmas? We have the perfect Xmas sweater for him too (it’s usually a him).

Give your Scrooge one of our unique Bah Humbug Anti Christmas jumpers. Not only does it look cool, the humbug is a secret pouch for hiding humbugs in (supplied) for you to share.

They all have bells and they all have squeakers. Have a squeaking competition, make yourselves jingle.

Then after all your festive celebrations you can put them all in the wash together.Matching Baby Christmas Jumper Robin

Babs makes everything with washable materials so no matter how messy your family gets, you can bung them all in the machine and have them good as new again for next year.

Matching Family Jumpers Needn’t Be Identical

Then how do they match? What we mean is a matching family can wear different jumpers from the same collection and still match.

All our jumpers are distinctly Woolly Babs. They’re designed together by Babs and her son and whatever they draw you’d be able to tell it was by them.

Family Christmas Jumpers

A lot of it’s down to the eyes. Babs was a primary school teacher for 30 years first so knows a thing or two about simple and cute.

So one of you could be wearing a Rodney Robin, someone a Pablo Penguin and then have a herd of different Rudolph Reindeer and you’d all match because they all look similar in terms of expression, materials and cuteness.

Or go for fully identical – imagine the photos!

Order early and you could photograph your family in their jumpers and make it into your Christmas card.

Don’t forget you get free postage too when you enter the code UKfreesqueaks at checkout.