Free Reindeer Toy

Free Reindeer Toy On Orders Over £100

Sorry - they've all gone now!

Woolly Babs makes Christmas even more cuddly with our free Reindeer toys.

Woolly Babs Reindeer Toys

Simply place an order of £100 or more and we'll include a lovely little soft Rudolph Reindeer. 

Woolly Babs Reindeer Toy

Limited stock - first come first served. 

We thought about only offering a free Rudolph with Children's Jumpers, but then thought heck! He's adorable - everybody would want one!

He's got soft, padded material antlers and shiny happy eyes. His nose is squashy and round.

Rudolph's got a saggy, baggy, fluffy tummy and simply can't wait to meet you.