Halloween Sweaters in New York City

A Halloween Fairytale of New York

New York City has never been the same since. Millions of residents are being coaxed back in from their fire escapes after the sheer terror of these handmade Halloween sweaters.

Babs unleashed her terror on the city by sending her son there with a batch of bats for his friends. This is what happened.

First of all, the Brooklyn Bridge was so terrified it broke out in rust.

Halloween Sweater Brooklyn Bridge

Then the Statue of Liberty tried to fade into the background.

Halloween Sweater Statue of Liberty

Pumpkins that started off huge...

Halloween Sweater Brooklyn Heights

Withered and shrank with fear ....

Halloween Sweaters Brooklyn Heights

To mere shadows of their former selves - just lunchtime snacks for Bertie Bat.

Halloween Sweaters by Woolly Babs

When night followed day, Bertie Bat came out to play.

And champagne lounges are just the beginning. Because Bertie had his eyes set on higher things...

Halloween Sweater Empire State Building

Yep, other people's drinks on rooftop bars.

Halloween Sweater New York

After a heavy night of fear-mongering, Bertie took it down a notch and spread a bit of gentle unease along the High Line.

Halloween Jumper New York

Then he finished his trip off with some relaxing marrow chilling at Dylan's Candy Bar.

With just $100 or so of candy to occupy his fangs and keep them off New Yorkers' necks.

Halloween Sweater Dylans Candy Bar

Bertie Bat is now back in England, but his friends are still at large in New York. They were last seen flapping their way across the Hudson, through Battery Park north towards Soho. Keep safe, New York, keep safe.

Have your own adventure in one of Babs' ghoulish garments. Warning: they do make you act alarmingly.