Matching His and Hers Christmas Jumpers

Her wearing a Christmas jumper + him wearing a matching Christmas jumper
= maximum entrance impact.

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We’ve been kitting out cool couples for a couple of years now and always hear great reports from parties and family gatherings. 

We also know that several couples have had their photo taken together in their matching Xmas jumpers to be made into their Christmas cards! 

We’ve noticed a bit of a pattern emerging.Matching his and hers Christmas jumpers

When we first started, we had lots of ladies ordering Christmas jumpers as presents for their husbands and boyfriends. The jumpers would arrive and the customer, we assume, would say to herself:

“Wow, this is the most amazing Christmas jumper ever. I do want to give it to the main man in my life, but to be honest, I’d rather have it for myself. Hmmm. It’s a bit big though. Right, I’ll order one for myself.”

Whereas this year we’re getting more orders for matching pairs of Xmas jumpers straight off. 

Matching his hers Christmas jumpers Rudolph

There seemed to be such a demand for matching his and hers sweaters that we've actually incorporated that into our design. 

Brand new for 2012 are our matching front and back Rudolph Reindeer jumpers. 

Not only does the front have our classic Rudolph face with squeaky nose, but the back now boast Rudolph's cheeky bottom - complete with padded flapping tail!

Now you can turn up at a party as a two-some like a pantomime horse and continue your double act by squeaking each other's noses and wagging each other's tails.

Matching his and hers Christmas Jumpers So pair up a ladies Christmas jumper with a men's Christmas jumper, try a pair of front and back Rudolph jumpers, or just go for completely matching unisex Xmas jumpers

Or even... his and hers Christmas t-shirts