Petite Size Christmas Jumpers

Petite Christmas Jumpers

Fast, affordable petite sizes across all our beautifully bold Christmas jumper designs.

We offer the widest selection of Christmas jumper sizes in the UK. But that doesn't just mean we focus on the plus sizes like everyone else.

Oh no, we also go as petite as you want.

How? Because our Xmas jumpers are handmade.

We understand that sometimes when you're out shopping and you ask if there's a petite section or if there's petite sizes of a certain line you're more often than not shown to the children's department.

While we do offer matching children's jumpers too, that's not what you're after.

Starting at a snug size 8 in both Christmas jumper and jumper dress (suitable for size 6 too) we can quickly make any other size you may need. If you're a size 6, 4 or even 2 simply send us a jumper and Babs will transform it by return of post.

Our Christmas jumper transformation service is a fast and affordable way to get exactly the jumper you want.

How to get your petite Christmas jumper

Simply send us the jumper in the size you want and order the design you want (Rudolph, Rodney Robin, Pablo Penguin, Bah Humbug) and Babs will transform your jumper for you.

They all have the same squeakers and bells as our existing jumpers!

If you're ordering a new jumper from your favourite online supplier, put in our address so it gets sent straight to us. It's quicker and you avoid paying postage twice!

For more information and to order, follow this link to our Christmas jumper transformation service.

No one else can do it because no one else's jumpers are handmade.

So whatever size you're after (plus or petite) we can make it and also make sure it looks like anything else from our existing range so you can be sure to have a perfectly matching family all in your squeaky, jingly Christmas jumpers.