Upcycled Christmas Jumpers

Upcycle your sweater into an Xmas jumper

Babs can now transform any jumper into charming all-squeaking, all-jingling Christmas jumpers

Upcycled Christmas Jumper

It’s ecological as you’re not getting a whole new jumper and it’s fun!

Got an old favourite you want to breathe some life into? Got an old sweater that you don’t really wear any more?


Let's get upcycling. (Making something new out of something that already exists.)

Send it to Babs and in no time she’ll applique (sew) all the different pieces onto it, complete with squeaker and bells, and send it back as a fully-fledged Xmas jumper.

Babs only uses washable materials and no glue so your upcycled jumper will be as washable as it was without the Christmas design work.

How does it work? It’s simple. Choose your design and pay online, send your jumper to us in Yorkshire, wait a few days for it to be Christmassified and posted back.

Order now to get your jumper back in a week!

Sneaky Upcycled Xmas Gift Idea

If you’re thinking of buying a Christmas jumper as a present for someone, you could even ‘acquire’ one of their jumpers (maybe they’re really particular about their jumpers).Recycled Xmas Jumper

Sneak it away to us then when you get it back, wrap it up as a present for them and then have them open it. It's more than just a surprise gift.

(And if they don't like the environmentally friendly improvements, there's something wrong with them.)

You could also go for an entire family kitted out in matching upcycled festive jumpers. Maybe you've already got some matching jumpers that you could put to use?

Environmentally Friendly Christmas JumperAnd there's more! Now everyone gets free postage no matter what size order.

Simply enter the code UKfreesqueaks at checkout. All cards accepted - no PayPal account needed!