What do I wear for the work Christmas party?

Work Christmas Party Outfits

You want to have fun and look fun, but don't want to leap out in full on fancy dress. Santa is boring and only Kylie has ever pulled off the sexy Santa look. Especially not in front of colleagues.

Novelty antlers? No.

What you need is a Woolly Babs Christmas jumper! You'll get a lot of laughs and you'll feel great wearing it.
Office Christmas Party

Keep it hidden in your desk drawer and when it's party time, whip it out for a total transformation of what you're wearing. And with none of the try hard downside of fancy dress

Rudolph Reindeer, Rodney Robin and Pablo Penguin will let you mess around all night and look cool. They're guaranteed to make you a better dancer too.*

Or if you're going to a really hot party, try one of our Christmas t-shirts. All the features of our Christmas jumpers (bells, squeaky red nose, cuteness) but on a bright red tshirt to keep you cool for Yule.Office Christmas Party

So that's your work's Christmas do sorted. Phew! 

*Not really.

A genuine office party rescued by Christmas jumpers!