Woolly Babs on the One Show

The One Show, BBC 1

So, what else do Babs and Frank get up to besides designing and making the most must-have Christmas jumpers?

We sing!

Babs is in a choir in Horsforth, Leeds. Frank is in a gospel choir in London - the B.I.G. Choir (we're always open to new members!).

We were part of a whole weekend of events at the South Bank Centre including a Guinness World Record attempt - smashed it! 

80 choirs from around the world converged on the South Bank and, because of this and our record attempt, we were invited to perform on the One Show

Frank Hersey B.I.G. Choir One Show BBC 1 

Chris Evans, Alex Jones, Rev Bazil Meade and... Frank in the red ring!

We blew the roof off!

And only five months after our last national TV appearance when we took out Christmas jumpers into the Dragons' Den, Frank was back on the BBC, this time with Chris Evans and Alex Jones.

There were over a hundred of us packed on to a makeshift stage in the studio lobby. 

Woolly Babs Chris Evans Alex Jones

Every floor of the building had a balcony overlooking the atrium so we had loads of staff plus John Sergeant and Jay Rayner watching down on us during our rehearsal and performance.

We opened the show Keep Movin' and parted (like the Red Sea) to let special guest Archbishop of York John Sentamu through.

Woolly Babs One Show John Sentamu

Then we finished the show with Oh Happy Day, of course. With the extra twist of John Sentamu playing the conga drums for us.

Woolly Babs One Show John Sentamu York Conga

Next time there'll be Christmas Jumpers!

We had a lot of fun and have found out since that we were even mentioned on Points of View for being so lovely. Not bad for a complaints programme!

We just hope that next time we'll get the chance to kit everyone out in Woolly Babs outfits (Christmas or otherwise) so that we can jingle the bells and squeak the squeakers in time with the music!

In the meantime we just need to organise our own dressing room.