• Brian Badger Jumper Unisex
  • Brian Badger Jumper Unisex
  • Brian Badger Jumper Unisex

Brian Badger Jumper Unisex

Brian Badger Jumper

Been digging around for a beautiful badger sweater? They're harder to find than badgers themselves!

Babs comes to the rescue. Adding to her Woodland Animals range, Brian Badger is Frederick Fox's new best friend.

The badger is receiving a lot of attention in the design world, but Brian himself is quite shy.

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Brian Badger is stylish and still cute. He knows how to work the monochrome look which means he'll match anything else you're wearing.

Brian's ears are rather special as they're not sewn down like the rest of his face which gives them standout and adds to his expression.

He has quite a piercing look, or perhaps a little startled. That's because he's rarely spotted as he goes about his business. He rarely strays from the woods so everywhere he goes with you is new and surprising for him.

And wherever it is you go, you're guaranteed to look naturally fashionable.

Badger Fashion FeaturesBadger Jumper Woolly Babs

He's handmade through applique which means Babs designed Brian as layers of different shapes.

She cuts them by hand from different materials then sews them all down in order, building up his face. Finally she slips a squeaker into his nose before sewing it down.

Because everything is sewn down, this badger jumper is fully machine washable - no glue shortcuts.

Babs' designs are fully recognisable as the animals they're meant to be, but still really cute. 

Why? Probably because she was a primary school teacher for so long!

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