• SOLD OUT Christmas Jumper Dress Rudolph Brown
  • SOLD OUT Christmas Jumper Dress Rudolph Brown
  • SOLD OUT Christmas Jumper Dress Rudolph Brown

SOLD OUT Christmas Jumper Dress Rudolph Brown

Christmas Jumper Dress - Rudolph Reindeer

Size 8 only.

Our best-selling Rudolph Reindeer Christmas jumper is now available as a slinky Christmas jumper dress. 

Cute, flattering and interactive.  Guaranteed  to be this Christmas's talking point.

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Rudolph squeaks with a squeaker hidden in his red nose, he jingles with bells on his antlers and he now also flatters your figure all through Christmas.

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Rudolph looks great over leggings, jeans and jeggings. Especially dark coloured or black ones.

He's flexible enough for all your Christmas do's whether it's going to see the Nativity play or the work Christmas do. Of course, Rudolph is great on Christmas Day itself.

You can dress him up with boots and jewellery and he launches into full party dress mode, or push the sleeves up and head down the pub.

Everyone will be pleased to see him.

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How Babs Makes the Christmas Jumper Dress

Like all our jumpers, the Rudolph Christmas jumper dress is made through the process of applique.

Babs and Frank work out a design, the Babs converts it into patterns that she uses to cut out all the different shapes from different materials.

She then pins them all into place and sews them down one by one. It takes a long time to finish each jumper, but she likes to make sure they're all wonderful.

Babs sneaks the squeaker into Rudolph's nose and last of all sews the bells on to his antlers.

Being handmade means they're not only all unique, but high quality and fully machine washable.

No glue shortcuts, no machine knit mundanity!

Christmas jumper dress size chart

Also available as a ladies jumper, sizes UK 8 - 22.

Or as a crazy Front & Back Rudolph jumper, with Rudolph's rear end on your back!

Also available with a beige face.

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