Handmade Christmas Gifts

Our handmade Christmas gift range

Christmas must be the most handmade time of the year. It's a time for real things and authenticity. Plus we give ourselves the time to make things for those we care about.


That's why our Christmas jumpers, Christmas t-shirts and Christmas aprons make such good Christmas gifts. They're handmade individual little beauties. From planning out our own designs through to sewing on the last jingly bells, these gifts are lovingly made by Babs in Leeds.

To add some more handmade quality to your Christmas, check out all our gifts.

Christmas apronsdog xmas jumper

Christmas t-shirts (for where it's warm at Christmas or those really hot parties!)

Christmas jumpers

Ladies' Christmas jumper dresses

Ladies Christmas jumpers

Kids' Christmas jumpers

Dog Christmas jumpers

You can find out more about our handmade Christmas gifts and how we make them by having a good nosy around our site. Have a look at what goes into our Xmas jumpers, how Babs makes Xmas last longer, what we're up to in your country and even how our handmade jumpers help you flirt!