Our lovely ladies' Rudolph Christmas Jumper Dress was worn by the lovely Alex Jones!

It was Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas jumpers were everywhere. We were busy sewing and wrapping and packing and flapping when we got a phone call.

From Aunty Trish (Babs' sister Patricia).

We rushed to turn a TV on and there she was! Alex Jones bold and bright in one of our jumper dresses on the One Show on BBC1.

How exciting!

And her co-host Chris Evan alongside her in another Christmas jumper. Chris gave Rudolph's nose a right good squeaking, much to Alex's delight.

Here's a still from iPlayer where Alex is getting a good squeak.

Once Show BBC1 Christmas Jumpers Alex Jones

We were hooked, taking photos of the TV and everything!

They kept cutting away to films about other things when all we wanted to see was our jumper again!


And we've actually had a bit of a run on them since Friday - only 3 left!

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