Christmas Jumper Blog

After brooding over her sewing machine since Christmas, Babs' Easter jumpers have hatched! 

Admittedly biased, we think they're the best Easter gifts on Earth!

Some of our Easter sweaters have already flown the nest to transform Easter for families near and far. Babs is always a little sad to see them leave when she waves them off at the Post Office. But we're happy that they're making others happy.

Cousins Frank and Becky get silly in their Easter jumpers
And they really do!

Our Easter jumpers are silly. They squeak and jingle (like our Christmas jumpers) and make you feel springy and lively.

They're great as a surprise. As in, put one on and a jacket over the top, arrive at your family or friends' place and whip that jacket off to reveal something completely unexpected. Let everyone have a squeak.

Heath dances the funky chicken in his Easter jumper 

The little kids in our family love them and immediately get into character. With a chick one on they're doing the funky chicken dance, with a bunny one on they're gnawing imaginary carrots and twitching their noses.

The jumpers make Easter much more of an occasion. You get more into the spirit of it and find yourself decorating eggs and setting up egg hunts. It's the Easter jumpers. They're highly persuasive.

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Christmas jumper planning!

Here's Babs at our Strategic Planning Review 2012. We're already working out how to tackle Christmas 2012. Maggie is lending her support literally as well as mentally. She's an excellent rest for pads and laptops.

It's rare photo on this site of Babs not wearing one of her applique jumpers. This is one she's knitted though - clever Babs!

Woolly Babs Christmas Jumper Strategic Planning 2012

What else are we up to? Well, we're still making Christmas jumpers and our adorable Easter Jumpers. Not long to Easter - it just feels it with all this snow and ice. Order an Easter jumper now for something to hold on to as you look forward to spring!

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