Babs has fulfilled her civic duty and produced this wonderfuly carnivalesque Diamond Jubilee tshirt.

We expect a Royal Warrant any day now. Failing that, a police warrant.

It's a riot of colour and texture with no holding back with the hand sewing.

Woolly Babs Jubilee Tshirt 

Queen Elizabeth is sporting a jewel and brocade encrusted crown with a ring of pearls.

Woollen yarn hair loops down, framing her monarchical smile.

She's wearing a yellow dress because it's her Jubilee so she'll wear her favourite colour.

She's got her party heels on and her special "60" handbag. While you might not spot the Queen bearing her own flag during her parade, she's reported to be an avid waver as soon as the press go home.

Jubilee tshirt party hat 

You can get your very own Jubilee tshirt as a souvenir from our shop.

Jubilee tshirt Queen blowing own trumpet

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