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We can't believe the last posting dates for Christmas are already here!  Get your orders in for your Christmas jumpers, t-shirts and aprons in quickly to avoid disappointment.

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Babs can knit. She likes to knit. But she doesn't knit the Christmas jumpers - she appliques them. Why?

Well, hand knitting a jumper would make it cost about £200. It would be lovely, but there'd be no money left for the turkey. The only other way to knit a jumper would be by machine. There's a sort of mythical tradition of Christmas jumpers being knitted by grannies. But what we've seen everywhere else is clearly machine knitted.

And Babs cannot stand the flat, characterless effect of machine knitted patterns! That's why she builds up the face with bold pieces of fabric and puts squeakers in and bells on.

Unlike factory knitted ones, ours are all unique. It's the reindeer and robin eyes that give that away! They all have their own expression.

Woolly Babs Christmas jumpers triple

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