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Ken Barlow Christmas Jumper Coronation Street

Coronation Street + our Christmas jumpers = Babs' dreams come true

Ken Barlow has already been spotted in trailers for an episode of Coronation Street where he'll be wearing a Woolly Babs Christmas Jumper. Specifically, Rudolph with the squeaky nose

He was even on Tuesday's This Morning looking awesome in our handmade Christmas jumper.

SPOILER ALERT: he may also be seen with a little friend in a matching jumper. What a beautifully tailored duo.

We think Ken Barlow (played by William Roache) is looking pretty fine in his Christmas jumper, styling it up with a scarf. Even with gloves on, he's managing a thorough squeaking of Rudolph's nose.

We've long been fans of Coronation Street and Babs herself is from Lancashire so keeps tabs on life over there from this, the bright side of the Pennines.

Therefore we count ourselves as locals and are proud to have our products chosen to be on one of our favourite and local shows!

To get the Ken Barlow look for yourself or someone special, this is the Christmas Jumper he's sporting.

Also available for ladies (Kennettes?) and... just saying... dogs! From Chihuahua to Rottweiler.

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Christmas jumper secret whisper

Our Christmas jumpers are going to be used in a certain very popular TV programme in the run up to Christmas and we're very, very excited!

It's actually one of our favourite programmes which makes it even more special for us. We can't say what the programme is yet, but we can say it will air in the week before Christmas. Fingers crossed we'll be allowed to say what it is by then so you can tune in to see your favourite squeaky Christmas jumpers on TV.

We'd also like to add that one of them is going to be sported by a dog. Yes, our dog Christmas jumpers always seem to get in the spotlight somehow!

Photo: Joysaphine via Flickr

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