Even Parliament has picked up on our Christmas jumpers

We've had a lovely letter from our local MP, Greg Mulholland for Leeds North West.

He'd seen our appearance on Dragon's Den and wanted to get in touch about keeping up the good work.

Babs is delighted and says it's the best letter she's had since her telegram from the Queen. Oh how she jokes.

Here's the letter Babs is so pleased with!

MP letter for Woolly Babs Christmas Jumpers

We certainly are keeping up the good work. Well, the hard work at least.

After a better than expected Easter (thanks to the cold weather!), we're cracking on with our Christmas jumpers again. After selling out again last year, Babs is trying to get even more made in time for Christmas this year.

There's only so much she can do because everything's handmade, but she always goes for quality not quantity.

We all feel that bit more motivated after being recognised by our MP so watch this space!

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