Christmas Jumper Blog

Our autumn jumpers are now in! You can choose from a range of woodland animals: Frederick Fox or Brian Badger or even commission your own design.  They are all handmade by Woolly Babs.  Click on their links to find out more about them.

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Now that Easter is safely out of the way, we’re very busy with Christmas 2012. It’s so close now!

After selling out every year so far, we’re hoping to be able to make even more jumpers in time for the Christmas season so that more people can squeak and jingle their way through winter.

So how do we do it when the jumpers are handmade? Well, we have to get help.

We try to persuade as many friends and family to help us in any way they can! We’re lucky that they all still seem to enjoy it, though we’re worried the novelty of novelty jumpers may soon wear off!

Fortunately, Babs is very organised. Everything is in place for her sewing blitz. All the bells and squeakers are ready. She’s got all her thread. The pin cushions are full. She’s got a new set of needles.

Christmas 2012, we’re ready for you. Now let’s get cutting out!

Christmas jumper preparation

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