My dad, Woolly Babs' husband, Ian, is finally being a bit less hopeless with the business.

OK, so he had a cataract operation two weeks ago. So not only could he not help but needed quite a lot of looking after. He couldn't even walk the dog, Maggie. Babs had to do this, but Babs ends up talking to all the other dog walkers. Maggie saw the way things were going so to get some attention jumped up and down on broken glass and had to be taken to the vets.

Babs then had two patients.

But Maggie is better and dad is starting to help:

- he's devised his own special organisational system for posting the jumpers. This is entirely superfluous as we provide him with everything he needs to go to the Post Office, but we're just glad he's going.

- he was sent to buy bells in our most recent supply emergency. And came back with just 25. TWENTYFIVE? They're in PAIRS, Ian.

- he answers the phone but assumes anyone calling during the day is cold calling and cuts them off. Great. (So phone the mobile on 07929930501).

- he's started to do the cooking. This is still such a rarity that the cats all gather in the kitchen to watch. Babs is wondering whether it's all worth it!

At least dad looks quite Christmassy when modelling!

Woolly Babs Christmas jumpers Ian robinWoolly Babs Christmas jumpers Babs and Ian