We've been having a little look around what's meant to be the trendiest part of the whole of the country: East London.

We liked what we saw. Because it turns out that what we're making up in Leeds is bang on trend.

The trend is animal prints. Not Eastenders leopard skin print, but little silhouettes of animals. We'd read about this in a Guardian article and were pleasantly surprised to see that it is actually out there on the streets.

Woolly Babs animal print 

The birds are out at Appletree Boutique, Spitalfields

Woolly Babs animal print

And the bunnies too.

It all goes to show that the Christmas jumpers Babs is sewing together on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales is as cool and as trendy as what's going on in London. (And better made.)

But that was only part of the adventure. Read the next blog to find out what happened at the Brazilian fusion exhibition held in a fish warehouse in Hackney Wick. We're not even joking.