Woolly Babs is now a registered name and trademark and she's loving it.

Woolly Babs Registered Trademark

After starting the Christmas jumper business almost by accident, we've got to the stage where we've realised we've actually got somewhere and have things that need protecting.

Woolly Babs Christmas Jumpers logoSo we did lots of paperwork and have fully registered our name and logo. Even though the logo is just something we drew by hand, it's now to be treated with the same respect as Coca-Cola, ok? Thanks.

We're not going to go crazy with the ® symbol as Babs finds it a bit... commercial. When asked what she thought about registering intellectual property, Babs said:

"I've never owned anything intellectual all my life. Or does a Kindle count?"

After all the excitement, Babs is fully back onto the Christmas jumpers! And no more TM nonsense now we've upgraded to ®!

Woolly Babs TM Barbara Hersey