Christmas Jumper Day (formerly known as Christmas Day) is now just 99 days away.

Are you ready? For the exact time till Christmas click on this countdown.

Christmas is all about getting together with family and friends and having fun. Every part of that fun can be increased with the simple addition of ... a Christmas jumper! This isn't just on Christmas Day, but for all the parties in the lead up then Boxing Day and beyond afterwards.

Christmas Jumpers by Woolly Babs

Christmas Jumpers' additions to the day

  • Worn all day: not just abandoned like Christmas presents
  • Creates a talking point when relatives descend
  • Entertains kids whether they're wearing them or you are
  • Lasts year after year
  • Gets you out of any washing up

How to prepare for Christmas Jumper Day 2012

  1. Do you have friends or relatives abroad? If so, get their jumpers sorted first. Or Christmas t shirts if they're in hot countries like Australia. Shipping is fast, but it's better to be safe than Christmas t shirtless.
  2. Choose who you're buying for. We've got dogbaby, kids and adult ranges.
  3. Choose your Christmas jumper design. Babs has created a fabulous range of Christmas wonder for you to pick from. There's Rudolph Reindeer in light brown or darker brown; there's Pablo Penguin and Rodney Robin. They all squeak, they all jingle!
  4. Check - is it a jumper you want? Or is it a Christmas apron? Or a Christmas jumper dress?
  5. Order now!
Here Babs walks you through all the features of one of her creations!