Why does a father-to-be need a bum bag full of snacks?

Father to be bum bag by Woolly Babs 

Our friends Lowri and Brendan are having a baby. This involves them going to lots of classes and meetings with midwives where they learn the ins and outs of the birthing process.

It's all about contractions and measurements and packing bags for the mother. 

The father is generally overlooked in all this. Until, that is, a recent meeting with their midwife.

The midwife was talking about fathers fainting during the birth. It happens a lot, but not for the reasons you might be thinking.

It's not the gore, shock or magic of the process that floors the fathers; it's their hunger levels.

The expectant father flop  

They faint from hunger. No, really.

They forget to eat as they're so dedicated to the mothers and so fascinated by what's going on. Plus they don't want to miss the moment itself.

So they simply flap around the bedside for hours without eating. Then FLOP! They're on the floor causing problems for everyone when there's something more serious going on.

Step in Woolly Babs for the perfect solution. We made (or, rather, put together... curated?) this lovely sporting bum bag for the expectant father, Brendan, to wear during the birth.

It's going to keep hours and hours' worth of snacks right where he needs them. Not only will he be there for Lowri for hour after hour, but he'll be having a great time.

He's got sweets, chocolate, Red Bull and even nuts and dried food. All in something hi-vis so he won't lose it and can see his snacks in the dark.

Of course we wanted to put bells and squeakers on it, but we'll leave the proper sewing for the baby's clothes! We'll have to get on with one of our baby Christmas jumpers!